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Why Art Academica?

In our studio in Melbourne artists of all ages can find a place stuffed with all kinds of supplies and materials for their creations and the professional eye of the teacher will lead you through the bumpy road of imagination.


Our favourite question is "WHY?"  Why we are choosing this media?  Why we are applying this colour there or maybe this tone?  Why we are creating this atmosphere and temp on this work?  Many many "WHYS" everywhere through the process because it is about "HOW?" we are putting the right questions and "HOW?" we are getting the right answers.



A Family of Art Lovers

The success of any training depends on the teacher. Therefore, in our school, children are taught by teachers with specialized education. They are true professionals in their field, open to everything new and in the classroom charging their love for creativity. This approach provides interest in the process, high-quality training, enjoyment of the process and excellent results.

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Great and cozy atmosphere, professional and talented Taya, can help even if you have never done it before to bring your own masterpiece home.

Alya Hitik

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