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Art. When to start?

What age is the best for a kid to start to draw/paint?

What do you think, friends?

It is never too early or too late to start, in our opinion.

Salvador Dali began to draw at the age of 3, and the first word of Pablo Picasso was the word "pencil". Artist Paul Klee called his children's drawings, created at the age of three to ten, "the most significant that he created."

Having given a child paints and pencils, we, of course, are not making plans for his career as a great artist. But let the first drawings become the most significant ones, opening the doors to the wonderful world of creativity

Drawing or Painting for kids is an opportunity to captivate them and a useful activity that develops abilities and character. Children learn about new objects and how to use them. Paints, brushes, pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens and even your own handprints become a way of self-expression.

For the early drawing, these things will come in handy:

* finger paints;

* large brushes:

* large wax crayons (they are curly)

* thick, easy-to-clean felt-tip pens;

* large sheets of paper or roll paper for drawing;

* pieces of foam sponges to make prints.

Think in advance where it will be more convenient to draw and put on the little artist clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and it's easy to wash.

Draw with your child, talk over what is happening, show the sequence of actions, and give the child freedom. Let them mix colours, paint with the hands or even the feet, let him watch how the first pictures appear on a blank sheet.⠀

Tell us at what age did your children start drawing/painting? Do you keep the very first drawings or painting? Tell us on our Instagram page

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