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Are you interested in applying for a foundation or degree level at an art college? If so you will need a good portfolio showing your talent and hard work. "Creating a strong Folio" will introduce you to the methods and tools you will need to build a portfolio of works.


You will be taken through 3 art methods to inspire new ways of thinking and working. We will focus on different areas of study for each task including drawing, collage, and painting. On completion of each term, you will have 3 unique artworks to show on enrolment. 

You will aim to produce a body of works that can be added to your portfolio by the end of the course. In addition to this, you will have learned about how to create an artist statement for the future.


Who should take this course:

  • Teenagers aged 13-18 years old

  • Students with an interest in art and design, including complete beginners

  • Students aiming to apply to study art and design at the foundation level

  • International baccalaureate students aged between 16 and 18 who need to be better equipped to apply to a foundation course

  • Students already on a foundation course who want to improve their portfolio for degree application

All our Courses include:

  • A unique program with particular tasks and learning points 

  • Professional teachers

  • All materials needed to complete the course

  • Small groups (up to 6 students)

  • 9-11 weeks of study per term


Payment options:

  • An artist can enrol for a term - cost 520$

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