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Claude Monet as a kid. Beginning of the bright journey. How Claude Monet Became an Amazing Artist

"People loved my drawings so much that I got requests from everyone!" the artist exclaimed.

But did you know that Claude Monet started his artistic journey as a caricaturist⁉️ It's true! When he was just 15 years old, Monet was famous in his hometown of Le Havre for his funny and exaggerated portraits. He charged 20 francs for each drawing, which was a lot of money back then!

Monet's caricatures were so popular that people lined up to get one. He would draw funny pictures of local officials, teachers, and even ordinary people passing by. Everyone wanted to have their own Monet caricature!

Although Monet was talented at drawing caricatures, he didn't enjoy school very much. Instead of paying attention in class, he would fill his notebooks with funny drawings of his teachers. He believed that he didn't need to study hard to become successful.

One day, something amazing happened. Monet visited an art shop and saw beautiful paintings of landscapes. He couldn't take his eyes off them! The owner of the shop introduced him to a famous artist named Eugène Boudin. Monet was inspired by Boudin's paintings and decided to become a serious artist himself.

And that's when Monet's journey as an Impressionist artist began. He left behind his caricature days and started creating stunning paintings that captured the beauty of nature in a unique way.

⁉️ By the way, Monet was really good at drawing funny noses!

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