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Art is an amazing phenomenon. It is around us all the time and influences everything we do - though we are barely aware that this is happening. In the world without art, we would become strangers to each other and lose touch with who we really are. Our mission at Art Academica School is to give students of all age possibility to see the world under another angle and create, create, create. 



The course will serve as a creative start! New knowledge, skills and creativity! Let's talk about artists, colour, patterns, imagination. +4 creative assignments that you will learn about inside the course. Every month will bring us a new theme that meant a new topic to discuss and illustrate.



In this series of online courses you will observe the process of creating a chamber works in classic realistic technique.
In the process, you will learn about the many technical subtleties of painting, about the compositional arrangement, how the tonal and color harmony of the work is built, as well as learn about the stages of creation due to which the center in the composition stands out and how old masters decided.



This course is about drawing technique, the basics of understanding the form, working with the tool. In the course we will open up: how to work with the tool, how to sharpen a pencil, how to work with an eraser, how to draw lines, how to work with proportions, how to build a structure, how to put into practice perspective, perspective distortions, you can understand how to sculpt a shape using light and shadows, you will be able to understand the issues of the classical understanding of the picture, you will more deeply understand the paintings of classics and contemporaries.

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