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Why We Shouldn't Be Beholden to the Photo - The question you asked

​Nowadays, artists often use photos to paint their works. It is very convenient. We can be astonished by some sunset but not always have our easels handy.

If you are painting from a photo, feel free to leave out elements that are in the photo but are not helping the composition. It can be some buildings or cars. It’s often a good idea to edit the shape of clouds, move trees, smooth a coastline, etc.

Change Things as Needed to Improve the Painting

Be open to changes that are good for the overall composition of your picture. Your painting will not be hanging next to the reference photo, no one will know if the cloud was rounder or the trees were all the same size. Colour often needs to be shifted as well. Be brave this is your masterpiece. Remember the main rule of composition- find a centre point and other elements that need to work to show it off.

When painting from a photo keep in mind that the camera alters color relationships in between tones and temperature. Dark areas look much darker in a photo; shadows tend to lose all the details. When observed in real-life, shadow areas are actually still showing much of their local color, variations and reflections.

In the end, remember to look at your work as its own complete masterpiece. It shouldn't be a copy it shows your view and your emotions. The viewer looks at this moment through your eyes and sees the beauty of this world. You make this work special not the details of the photo.

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