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​Taking photos for your Instagram or Fb page is one of the components of the profession of artist. We need to show that this is very important process to our kids. If you don't take the time to do this, then your or your child's work will feel like it's unfinished. You worked hard, but then the photograph of your painting will simply be lost, it will be invisible, in between other bright photos. Today, the visual quality of the picture decides a lot - what does not catch, does not attract attention, just scrolls through. We know how to avoid it.

​You will need some amount of good photos to enroll to exhibitions as well.

Showing your work bright and interesting is not so difficult. The recommendations are quite simple and by following them you will turn your pages on social networks into a real portfolio.

Here are some tips from us:

Wipe your camera so that the photo is not cloudy.

Take pictures in daylight, do not rush to take pictures of your work in the evening, right after lesson.

Try to make horizontal and vertical lines parallel to the edge. If you did not do it when shooting, then the photo can be aligned in post-processing.

Take a lot of shots, look for a composition. Divide the photo mentally into two parts and see that they are balanced.

Do not place the drawing close to the borders of the frame, give some air.

Doing post-processing, make the frames lighter and more saturated. Use a cold filter, get rid of excess yellow. Grain filter that will give your photo the effect of a film camera.

Use different photo editing apps. Snapseed, VSCOCam. The main thing is not to get carried away with processing, to stop on time.

Promise today to apply at least a couple of our tips. And then more and more! You will definitely like to bring beauty Help your kid shine!

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