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Do you think your kids are cheekiest?

Dear friends, raising children isn't all hugs, kisses, and laughter all the time. Sometimes, your child may act differently, sometimes funny. Have a look at the works, in our carousel, made more than 100 years ago by Moreau Paul Charles. Are not they look familiar to you? Press

How a kid is in their childhood defines the type of adult they'll grow up to be. If your kid is cheeky and you're concerned, you no need to be worry. It shows that your kid is healthy. A playful kid is a healthy kid. However, did you know that cheeky kids usually grow up to become confident adults?

One of the key tips for raising your kid to be confident is to let them act their age. Putting a kid under the pressure of performing or behaving in a certain way can greatly reduce their confidence in themselves. If your child wants you to let them be, you should let them be. One of the many reasons why kids want to break free from their parents is constant nagging and supervision. There art might help. When we do art we can pretend and play of the roles we can't do in real life.

You need to understand the needs of a growing child and give them the space they need. Art lessons can give them space to dream and let them grow!

It is okay for a child to get frustrated and behave in a certain manner, which you might find unacceptable. Let your kid know that it is okay to feel the way they're feeling. Painting and observing the works of others can help the kid to understand we are different and our works are deferent. This is what makes us unique. This is the way, you're teaching your kids to understand, accept, and acknowledge their feelings. You might not realize it now, but it is one of the key factors that make a child grow up to be a confident adult!

​Every kid goes through a cheeky phase. They'll answer back, pass sarcastic comments, and even be disrespectful or mean sometimes. The plus side is that cheeky kids are usually very confident when they grow up.

​Have a cheeky monkey at home? Try Art Academica -creative school. There your confident explorer will find plenty of space for emotions, discoveries and relaxation.

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