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Surely you noticed how the child’s drawing changes over the years and sometimes even months, let's try to analyze all the stages of creativity from birth to school age? ⠀ Like and save a useful post 💓 ⠀ ✅ 1 stage - strokes It begins on the day when any writing item and a sheet of paper is placed in front of the child. ⠀ The child enjoys simply the fact that he leaves a mark in history! He is interested in scribbling as much as possible and absolutely not think about anything. ⠀ It lasts until about two years! ⠀ ✅ Stage 2 - Doodle It begins in the third year of life. Almost no different from the first stage, with the exception of one. Now the child gives meaning to his drawing, trying to depict various interesting objects, people and animals on paper. ⠀ If we show such a pattern, we will most likely see a set of different strokes and colors, but we will learn from the child that this is a whole fairy tale! ⠀ Now you can already give advice to the child, and even better to show the whole process by example, taking a separate sheet! ⠀ ✅ Stage 3 - schematic representation. ⠀ Most begin in 4-5 years. The child gradually begins to schematically project the outside world onto paper, but does not think about the details at all! A window the size of a house, a person’s head more than a body, and other wonders await us. ⠀ Here the child may already need your and the help of teachers! ⠀ Carefully pay attention to the shortcomings so that the young artist begins to think about more precise forms, details and proportions ✅ Stage 4 - the stage of believable images This is approximately 6-7 years old. ⠀ At this stage, we will see whole storylines deployed on one sheet of paper! ⠀ Psychologists say that every child reaches this stage, even without extra help if he has paper and pencil🖍 ⠀ But alas, many get stuck at this point 😔⠀ Here Art Academica comes to the rescue, in which the child is taught further basics! ⠀

And at what stage is your child now?) Enroll on our term or online monthly courses and enjoy the progress of your little big artist!

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