Realistic Painting Course - 12 lessons - Still Life

Realistic Painting Course - 12 lessons - Still Life


This course consists of a series of lessons on the topic of a still life of flowers, fruits and berries. Classes on the course are built on the principle of "from simple to complex." We start with a simple still life and complicate technically and plot for the last lesson, totalling 12 practical lessons and 6 works in oil or acrylic: fragrant mandarines, sour and fresh lemons an peaches, bright avocado, juicy pomegranate with white tulips and pink lilac - all this will appear on your canvas. You will get acquainted with the materials: paints, brushes and thinners; learn to choose and mix paints; primed canvas; Learn the combination of colours. You will learn many small, but very important nuances. Working on still lifes, you will plunge into a calm life of studying subjects because a still life translated from Dutch still even is a quiet life. Oil painting is a unique technique that allows expressive expressions to express themselves and introverts to go into a calm and thoughtful work. If you want to master a new technique or improve your existing knowledge in the field of painting - this course is for you!

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