HARVEST- oil panting workshop

HARVEST- oil panting workshop


Dear friends, today we will meet another bright work from Birds series. If you like saturated colours of blue and yellow this work is for you! 
​Harvest is the best time for birds when they can find a lot of delicious fruits and seeds! This small bird found the whole bright sunflower and this moment we painted on our work.

​For this class you will need:
🐥 1. Canvas
🐥 2. Oil paint: Titanium White, Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Vermilion, Carmine, Cyan Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber
🐥 3. Brushes
🐥 4. Linseed oil
🐥 5. Palette
🐥 6. Paper towel
​Join us and paint your paradise. 
​Art Academica


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