CATDINSKY PORTRAIT- kid's painting workshop

CATDINSKY PORTRAIT- kid's painting workshop


Dear friends, we already know so Kandinsky is one of the most important figures in the development of theories relating to abstract art. So why not to try to paint the portrait using his technique and elements? Painting is the best activity to spend a couple of hours if the weather is grey. 
​On this class, our teacher Taya Danchenko @tayadanchenko is going to talk about colours and gradient, tiny lines and bold ones, how to make balanced composition and many many other interesting things! You see we LOVE CATS!

​For this class you will need:

1. paper(30x30cm)

2. paint(yellow, blue, red, black colours)

3. brushes(small and medium)

4. water

5. paper towel

Join us and create. The class is already available on our web site. 
​We would love to see your works. So share them with us and friends!

​And see you soon in Art Academica.